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Effective Tax Services for Businesses and Individuals

Taxes are a fact of life for every adult, and often they're also a source of stress. At Bottom Line CPA, LLC, our goal is to take the frustration of taxes off your shoulders with professional tax preparation, planning, and resolution.

Whether you're a forward-thinking business owner or you're looking to optimize your personal taxes, our CPAs have the expertise and knowledge of tax regulations to help you lower your liability on quarterly and yearly tax filing.

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Why Choose a CPA for Tax Services?

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Whether you're filing taxes for yourself or your business, your tax forms likely become more complex with every year that passes. While technology has come a long way today, it still isn't able to tailor its operations to you and your unique circumstances.

A professional CPA works to stay up-to-date with changes in tax regulations, helping you to avoid pitfalls and take advantage of any deductions and credits available to you. They also know how to ask the right questions to ensure that they have all the information they need from you and that nothing is left out.

Tax Solutions We Provide

Our CPA team offers knowledge, experience, and a fresh perspective. As your accountants, we can:

  • Organize your tax information
  • Fill out tax forms
  • Evaluate income sources
  • Look for any deductions, credits, or incentives
  • Find and correct errors
  • File on time
  • Develop tax-saving strategies
  • Offer year-round advice
  • Help you through an audit
  • Help you deal with tax debt
  • Whether you need tax help quarterly, once a year, or year-round, Bottom Line CPA, LLC has the insight and experience to help you lower your liability and protect your income.

    Tax Services for Your Business

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    Your company's cash flow is vital to its success, which can make taxes a frustrating part of your business operations. Yet taxes don't have to be your company's Achilles heel.

    Our tax services help you lower your liability as much as possible, protecting your hard-earned capital through deductions, credits, and effective tax planning strategies. Should your business find itself facing an IRS audit, we'll be there to help you navigate the process.

    Business Tax Preparation

    No matter its size, a business faces a lot of complexity when it comes to tax filing. Whether it's organizing financial data, evaluating whether you count as a pass-through entity, or determining if you need to file yearly or quarterly, the tax filing process is involved and time-consuming.

    We can make tax filing much simpler and less stressful for our clients. With our help, you'll be able to focus on growing and expanding your business while we make sure your taxes are filed accurately and on time.

    5 Common Problems Business Owners Face When Filing

    Small business owners often take pride in being able to handle much of their business on their own. While a business owner is certainly capable in many areas, they also have a great deal of responsibilities happening at once. Because of this, trying to match the skill and tax knowledge of a professional simply isn't feasible while also trying to run a business - and often leads to filing mistakes.

    Some of the most common issues seen with business owners who handle their own filing are:

    • Mixed personal and business expenses
    • Missing receipts and expense logs
    • Mishandling of or failure to withhold payroll taxes
    • Unclaimed deduction opportunities
    • Inaccurate deductions for a home office space

    Managing Your Payroll Taxes

    Payroll taxes are famously tricky, and face stiff regulations. As a company's employee list grows, so does its tax responsibilities. Our accountants can help you understand, organize, and prepare payroll taxes, ensuring that all withholdings are accurate and that tax forms are delivered to employees completed and on time.

    The Benefits of Business Tax Planning

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    A business has a lot of decisions to make throughout the year, and each financial interaction has an impact on its tax liability. Whether you file quarterly or yearly also makes a difference. While many businesses approach taxes reactively, making decisions regardless of the tax implications, tax planning allows you to be proactive and potentially save a lot of money in the long run.

    We help you evaluate your financial process and growth goals, looking for ways to maintain your trajectory while minimizing your liability. Getting to know your business on a deeper level allows us to show you where deduction opportunities lie, and how the timing of certain actions and purchases can have added benefits.

    Our team offers year-round support to help you adapt and implement your tax-saving strategies throughout the year. Whenever and however you file, you can count on us to deliver the insight, expertise, and dedication you need.

    Tax Resolution Services

    It's not uncommon for businesses to face some kind of difficulty with taxes, whether it comes to filing, covering their liability, or dealing with an audit. Our CPA certification allows us to act as your go-between with the IRS to help you find manageable solutions and clear uncertainty and tax debt.

    What if I'm Late to File?

    Filing is a complex process, and it's common for businesses to hit roadblocks that make it difficult to file on time. We can help you request an extension to file if needed. You'll still need to pay the IRS your estimation of what you owe, but you'll have more time and less stress about getting the filing done.

    What if I Face an Audit?

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    Audits are inherently frightening to a business owner, but just because you have an audit doesn't automatically mean you owe more money. The IRS reaches out to businesses either because of something questionable in a previous return or by random selection.

    In either case, they'll ask for certain data to help them clarify the matter. Depending on what they find, they may accept the return as filed or propose a change.

    We can help you organize your files and correspond with the IRS to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. If a change is proposed, we'll review your documents and show you whether we agree or disagree. We'll then take action to either dispute the proposal or find a reasonable payment option to help you manage the situation and get back to running your business.

    I Owe Back Taxes. Now What?

    The IRS has ten years to collect on back taxes. If you're behind on your tax payments, the late fees can quickly climb to a daunting amount.

    We work with you to develop a workable strategy to pay off what you owe and can mediate between you and the IRS. If you can't pay what you owe in its entirety, we'll try to reach a settlement through methods such as a payment plan or an Offer in Compromise.

    Tax Services for Individuals

    The more complex your financial situation, the more difficult and stressful filing becomes. On the positive side, the more likely you are to have hidden deductions you aren't aware of - ones a professional can help you find.

    Bottom Line CPA, LLC can help you make the most of tax season by organizing, filing, and helping you create strategies to help you save the whole year long.

    Consider reaching out to us for tax help if any of these descriptions apply to you:

    • You have multiple jobs
    • You're self-employed
    • You recently got married, divorced, or lost a spouse
    • You have a child
    • You own property
    • You have investments
    • You have other income sources

    When Should I Start Preparing my Taxes?

    While many people can be seen scrambling mid-April to finish their taxes before the deadline, there are many advantages to getting an early start. Tax filing is open from the start of the year, so once you have all the information you need, you can begin anytime.

    Whenever you do get started, filing becomes much easier if you've been preparing for it throughout the year. Organizing your receipts, financial records, and prior tax returns in an accessible place will make it easier to find what you need quickly.

    We'll work with you when filing to identify deductible items and purchases, and when it's time to file, you can count on us to handle the numbers and find every opportunity to lower your tax liability.

    I'm Not Rich. Is Tax Planning Worth It?

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    Many people assume that only the elites need tax planning. Yet tax planning can be just as valuable for the average person, if not more so. Countless life events involve major purchases and dynamic changes to your filing status, and you likely won't know how until after the fact.

    With tax planning, we can evaluate your current situation and goals for the future, helping you find the best way to maximize your savings and achieve the best results for today and in the long-term. We create custom strategies you can use whether you're getting married, having kids, buying or selling property, or planning for retirement. You'll get to enjoy more of your hard-earned cash, and have peace of mind knowing that you're making smart financial decisions.

    Your Taxes, Simplified

    At Bottom Line CPA, LLC, our accountants use their tax expertise to help you reap the benefits year after year. Get the knowledge and insight you deserve for your business and personal taxes. Contact us and make an appointment for a free consultation today!

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